Second LTTA was hosted by I.S.S.I.T.P G. B. Ferrigno – V. Accardi in Castelvetrano, Italy. The LTTA was called Gender Equality Teacher Education. Professors from Macedonian university – Stip, Trajche Stojanov and Tatjana Atanasova Pachemska, continued in education of partners about topics such as Reflection of gender equality to the school climate through the informal school environment and school activities. Every partner school/organization has prepared several exercises for the students. Everyone presented their fifteen exercises related to gender equality and gender sensitivity, which they prepared at their schools.
The presented topic on the first day was gender in the context of educational process and school culture.
On the second day, training session on reflection of gender equality to the school climate through the informal school environment and social activities was performed, leaded by Macedonian professors.
The third day’s topic was a training session on gender equality becoming mainstream. There was a workshop on the role of schools and the cooperation with NGOs.
The fourth day, practical training was given throughout materials such as guides and handbook, the partners used brainstorming to complete their tasks.
The fifth day, partner schools and organizations made conclusions of works. 15 prepared exercises were presented by each school/organization.
On the last day, there was a session between Italian and Czech team. Czech team met the man with Czech origins, who lives in Sicily for 35 years, and they compared the gender mainstream situation in the Czech Republic and Sicily.
Information was given about ensuring gender equality in the informal school environment, examples of activities and field arrangements were given.
The exercises created by all the partners and all the educational stuff created by Macedonian University will be part of the GUIDE FOR THE EUROPEAN SCHOOL SENSITIVE TO GENDER EQUALITY, which is the first intellectual output of this project.
Project Coordinator, which is responsible for the design of the Guide, discussed the design of the guide with the partners.